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Conservation in Focus

Welcome to the BSMGP Conservation in Focus section.

This page contains event reports, technical articles and conservation records for interesting or unusual projects; new material will be regularly introduced. The section also invites material addressing matters regarding the  philosophy and ethics of conservation from practising conservators. Primary academic publications relating to the philosophy and ethics of conservation are also included. Initially some of these will be limited to ISBN numbers for information; however, it is intended that in time there will be direct links to published material. It is intended that this resource will build, providing useful reference and promoting debate amongst conservators.
There is no peer review process as this is not an academic publication. However, it is the intention of the working group that material should be of good quality and will maintain the high quality of BSMGP published material. The editorial process will be that each member of the working group will  be asked to read and agree the inclusion of material on this page. A majority decision in favour of the material will mean its inclusion. If you have interesting or relevant material please forward it by email to the Chairman of the Conservation Working Group Steve Clare at stevehwg@ gmail.com for inclusion.
Please note that this is not a web forum, discussion of published material will be allowed by submission of material expressing alternative viewpoints; however, personal comments against individuals will certainly not be allowed.

The working group feel that the BSMGP has an important role to play in the advancement of stained glass conservation and welcomes any comments and supporting material.

The working group recognizes the important contribution made by Vidimus - the conservation web magazine of the CVMA - and hopes that this section acts as a useful adjunct to the art historical material and news section of that web publication. For the latest edition of Vidimus go to: http://www.vidimus.org/issue_home.html.


Articles and conservation records


2014 London conference - members' newsletter report


Taunton Priory comparison report by Sam Kelly

Conservation of Ascot Place Grotto by Holywell Glass

Conservation of St Alkmunds, Shrewsbury by Holywell Glass

Conservation of Chantry Chapel, Ewelme, Oxford by Paula san Casciani

Conservation of Canterbury Cathedral Jesse Tree window in the Corona Chapel

Restoration of Horace Walpole's glass at Strawberry Hill by Paula san Casciani

Battle of the bulge by Keith Hill

Replacing wire ties in situ 1 by Keith Hill

Replacing wire ties in situ 2 by Rachel Thomas


Reference material and links


Cesare Brandi  Theory of Restoration 1963. Edited by Guiseppe Basile. English translation by Cynthia Rockwell. ISBN 13-9788840440897

M.F. Hearn The Architectural Theory of Viollet-le-Duc 19141879 - readings and commentaries. MIT Press. ISBN 13: 9780262720137 


Venice Charter 

Burra Charter

CVMA Guidelines for conservation

SPAB Manifesto

The Royal Academy of Arts held a two-day symposium in September 2009, following the publication of the book Conservation: Principles, Dilemmas and Uncomfortable Truths, edited by Dr Alison Bracker and Alison Richmond. The papers and the concept of this symposium are stimulating, and very relevant to stained glass conservators.
This link allows downloads of recordings of the speakers:



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