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Glyndwr (North Wales School of Art and Design, NWSAD)


Course(s) offered:

BA (Hons) Applied Arts, glass (FT 3 years or 4 years including foundation year)

MDes Applied Arts (FT 4 years)

Part-time options available


Description of course

‘This course introduces you to design using ceramics, glass, jewellery and metalwork to create decorative pieces that push boundaries and use materials creatively. During your degree you’ll be guided through the different techniques so that you understand materials and how best to design for them. You will have the opportunity to use mixed materials such as felt, plastics, wood and found objects as well as combining traditional craft techniques with cutting edge computer aided technology. Skills can be combined to produce magnificent works of art from across the applied arts spectrum such as furniture, lighting and large scale exterior sculpture.

There is a strong focus on core values of design such as audience and social responsibility, sustainability, environmental awareness, functionalism, ethics, matching appropriate use of materials to cost-effective solutions, as well as innovative, aesthetical and cultural values. Trips to studios, galleries and museums will complement your specialist studies.'

Processes include painting, sandblasting, acid etching, engraving, fusing, casting and cold working


Facilities available

Fusing and casting kilns, 2 speed-burn gas kilns

Leading benches, light boxes with extractor systems for painting

Mould-making room and cold working room with diamond saw, drill, hand-held water-cooled grinder and saw, flatbed grinder


Course location and contact details

NWSAD, 49 Regent Street, Wrexham LL11 1PF

Tel 01978 293439; email enquiries@glyndwr.ac.uk


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