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Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (QEST) Apprenticeship Scheme

In 1990 the Royal Warrant Holders Association made the decision to create a scholarship fund to help promising craftsmen to develop their skills by working with masters of their craft. Awards are:

  • Between £1000 and £18 000
  • The amount allocated to each award depends on how much funding is needed for a project.

In 2014, QEST also started an apprenticeship scheme to support the more than 1m young people not in education or training, the time was right to offer an entry route into the craft sector to those with little or no experience. 

Scholarships are awarded:

  • To fund further study, training and practical experience for craftsmen and women who want to improve their craft and trade skills.
  • Scholarships may not be used for premises or other business set-up costs.
  • Scholarships may occasionally be used for acquiring specialist equipment, provided it is part of the whole request.

Apprenticeships are awarded:

  • To fund traditional apprenticeships, learning from master craftsman or training in small craft businesses.
  • To support employers (master craftsmen or small craft businesses) to take on one or more apprentices.
  • To part fund salaries; training costs and/or materials.

Please see this link to apply: 

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