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  • Michael Hall - ‘Morris and After: G F Bodley and Stained Glass 1860–75'
  • Ardyn Halter – ‘Painting and stained glass in the work of Ardyn Halter’ 
  • Diana Coulter IHBC – ‘Zen and the stained glass art of Keith New’ 



  • Oksana Kondratyeva - ‘New Light on Ukrainian Stained Glass’
  • Discussion Day – ‘Stained Glass in Contemporary Culture - exploring creative partnerships to generate and sustain new work’ with Andrew Moor, Sasha Ward, Teepee Glass, and Helga Reay Young
  • Frédéric Pivet - ‘Stained Glass Windows of the Sainte Chapelle in Paris’
  • Ann Sotheran - 'Stammers and Harvey - Modern Glass Painters of York'



  • Leonie Seliger ACR - ‘Into the 21st century – Canterbury Cathedral’s post -Victorian stained glass’
  • Discussion Day with Caroline Swash ' Stained Glass in London'
  • Peter Cormack MBE FSA Hon FMGP – ‘Exploring Arts & Crafts Stained Glass: a 40 year Adventure in Light and Colour’
  • Dr Nicola Gordon Bowe Hon FMGP– ‘Behind the Mask: stained glass in the art and life of Wilhelmina Geddes (1887-1955)



  • Judith Schaechter - 'Nothing Personal'
  • Steve Clare ACR FMGP 'An under-appreciated masterpiece: conservation of the great Jesse Tree window in Wells cathedral'
  • Dr Nicola Gordon Bowe Hon FMGP - 'Harry Clarke (1889-1931): inimitable modern-medieval Symbolist'



  • Alan Brooks - 'Francis Spear - A Student of Art and Symbolism'
  • Discussion Day - 'Challenges in contemporary glass practice and a meeting with English Antique Glass (EAG)'
  • Amber Hiscott -  ‘Paint, Paper, Glass................’
  • Michael Peover & Elise Learner - ‘The renewal of the painted glass at Strawberry Hill’



  • Keith Barley FMGP - ‘Perhaps the finest specimens of pictorial glass-painting in the world’: the Herkenrode windows of Lichfield Cathedral’
  • Discussion Day - ‘Issues in professional practice and a discussion with Lamberts Glass’
  • ‘Swansea’s best kept secret’ – a presentation by the staff from the Swansea School of Glass, Swansea Metropolitan University.
  • Dr Douglas E Schoenherr - 'Two Burne-Jones Manuscripts: The Account Books and The Cartoon Book'
  • Peter Cormack - 'A Stained Glass Family Album: the life of Christopher Whall and his Circle in photographs'



  • Anna Eavis - 'An 18th-century recusant's collection; the windows of Milton Chapel, Oxfordshire'
  • Chris Chesney - 'The wonderful worlds of Photoshop and Corel Draw'
  • Pippa Martin - 'Lawrence Lee: master stained glass artist of the twentieth century'
  • Mark Angus - 'Between Heavens: angels' journeys in glass'



  • Jo Nuttgens - 'A Working Argument: How I survived my father and became a stained glass artist'
  • Glyn Davies - 'Leading and Light Boxes; Conserving the stained glass in the V&A's medieval and rennaissance galleries'
  • Tom Denny - 'Recent windows in extraordinary buildings'



  • Roy Albutt - 'The Bromsgrove Guild'
  • Andrew Rudebeck - 'On the trail of John Thornton'
  • Leifur Breidfjord - 'New Work'



  • David King - 'Personalities, Politics and Plays': The stained Glass of east Harling Church, Norfolk
  • Ellen Mandelbaum - 'Light Listened', a review of the work of this contemporary glass artist.
  • Geoffrey Robinson FMGP - 'Windows into the life of a Stained Glazier'



  • Kate Baden Fuller - 'Contemporary stained glass artists and how to write a book about them'
  • Sarah Brown MA FSA Hon FMGP - The Judge, the traitor, his wife and her lover - the medieval glass of Tewkesbury Abbey'
  • Doris Rollinson, Andrew Taylor and Caroline Swash - 'Fifty Years of Glass - amongst other things'. A celebration of the life and work of John Hayward FMGP'



  • Tim Lewis – 'The importance of the teacher in stained glass'
  • Ginger Ferrell – 'A new bag of tricks': the use of kiln formed glass in new work
  • Dr David O'Connor – 'Mediaeval stained glass in Scandinavia: Gotland's gothic glass'
  • Tony Benyon, Peter Cormack FSA and the Rt Revd Graeme Knowles AKC, MLC – 'Alan Younger, focus on an artist's life: three perspectives'
  • Peter Gibson - 'The Christmas Story in Stained Glass'





  • Dr Michael Peover - 'Sleeping Beauty : unseen stained glass at the Soane Museum'
  • Linda Lichtman – ‘Little and large: keeping the personal in public commissions'
  • Ruth Taylor Jacobson – ‘Marc Chagall’



  • Dr Tim Ayers FSA – ‘Glazing the English Medieval cathedral:the East End of Wells c1320-1340’
  • Graham Jones – his work in stained glass
  • Dr Nicola Gordon Bowe – ‘The most exacting of masters, the most ruthless scrapper of imperfect heads: the art of Wilhelmina Geddes 1887–1955’


Annual Conferences

  • 2017 – Leicestershire
  • 2016 – East Kent 
  • 2015 - Cambridge
  • 2014 - Yorkshire East Riding with Ann Sotheran, Peter Cormack, Tony Benyon and others 
  • 2013 - Worcester and Gloucester organized by Robin Lunn and Roy Albutt
  • 2012 - Glasgow - West of Scotland with Peter Cormack and Iain Galbraith
  • 2011 - The Wirral and over the waters with Tony Benyon and others
  • 2010 - Winchester with Mary Calle and others
  • 2009 - Tayside and the Kingdom of Fife guided by Peter Cormack
  • 2008 - Bristol and Wells Guides and speakers Tim Ayers, Geoffrey Lane, Steve Clare and David O'Connor.
  • 2007 - Lincoln Guides and speakers Jim Cheshire, Penny Hegbin Barnes, Tom Küpperand the Rev. Gordon Plumb.
  • 2006 - Manchester Guides and speakers: Dr David O'Connor, Penny Hegbin-Barnes, Wendy and Barrie Armstrong and Neil Moat
  • 2005 - Edinburgh Guides and speakers: Peter Cormack FSA Hon FMGP, Dr Elizabeth Cumming, Douglas Hogg FSA(Scot), FRSA, FMGP, Dr Sally Rush Bambrough, Prof. John Hume OBE
  • 2004 - Shropshire and Staffordshire Guides and speakers: Peter Cormack FSA, Hon. FMGP, Martin Harrison FSA, Hon. FMGP, Jane Gray FMGP
  • 2003 - Exeter Guides and speakers: Peter Cormack FSA, Hon. FMGP, John Hayward FMGP, Dr David Evans, Mr Andrew Johnson
  • 2002 - Aberdeen Guides and Speakers: Peter Cormack FSA, Hon. FMGP.  Mike and Jennifer Jane Bayliss AMGP
  • 2001 - London Guides and Speakers: Caroline Benyon FMGP, ACR, Tony Benyon, Sarah Brown FSA Hon. FMGP, Dr Donald Buttress, Caroline Swash FMGP, Peter Cormack FSA, Hon. FMGP, Kathy Shaw AMGP, Graham Jones FMGP, Dr Michael Peover
  • 2000 – Cork Guides and Speakers: Dr Nicola Gordon Bowe, Debbie Dawson, Mary Mackey.


Walks and talks

  • Stained glass artists of Southwark Cathedral
  • 'Andrew's favourites' in and around Salisbury, Wilts
  • Around Stamford, Lincs with Paul Sharpling
  • Around Northamptonshire with Paul Sharpling
  • Around Hertfordshire with Alf Fisher and Doris Rollinson 
  • Essex with Nigel Swift
  • Herts and Beds with Alf Fisher, Doris Rollinson, Caroline Benyon and Helen Robinson
  • Wellingborough and Oundle with Robin Fleet
  • Kent churches with Keith Hill
  • York Minster with Peter Gibson
  • Fairford Church, history with Keith Munn and conservation with Keith Barley
  • Wesley Chapel with Nigel McMurray
  • Churches in Northampton with Paul Sharpling
  • Photographing Stained Glass: a day in Norfolk with Rev. Gordon Plumb
  • Walks in Oxford with Paul San Casciani
  • Digital Imaging day with Derby University
  • Carlisle Cathedral with Arthur Penn
  • Henry Haig, walking around Shaftsbury viewing his windows
  • Sherborne Abbey, John Hayward talk on making the West Window
  • City of London, Churches and Livery Halls: walk with Alf Fisher
  • Kent: John Trinnick, Pugin (St Augustine's Abbey) and Rosenkrantz windows, with Robin Fleet
  • Piggots Hill Studio, Buckinghamshire with Joe Nuttgens
  • City of London Churches with Caroline Swash
  • Surrey with Peter Batts
  • Berkshire with Peter Batts
  • Oxford with Paul San Casciani

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