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Forum/Noticeboard Overview

 This Forum/Noticeboard has seven sections:

These discussions and information can be read by anyone.
If you want to post an event or other notice, ask or give advice or start/contribute to a discussion, you will need to log in with a user name and password. These are issued to members on joining the Society and remain valid so long as membership is continued. If you have any problems with entering this Forum, please contact the Secretary.



...the members' forum is currently down as the site is being rebuilt. Watch this space.


NOTE: Before posting any notices or entering the discussion forum, please read the following statement.
‘This site has been provided for the purpose of networking and mutual support between members of the stained glass community. The British Society of Master Glass Painters/www.bsmgp.org.uk reserves the right to remove any content that it considers to be in any way defamatory, actionable or otherwise offensive, and to bar anyone posting such content from further participation. The responsibility for the content of a posting on this section of the site rests entirely with the user concerned and the BSMGP accepts no liability for it.’


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