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This site has been designed with the aim of allowing maximal accessibility to everyone including those with disabilities. It includes the following features:

  • Mouse-free access: Using the TAB and ENTER keys, PC users with limited mobility can visit most areas of the site without the need for a mouse.

  • Text size: Using the ‘T’ buttons on the homepage, users with limited vision can easily increase or decrease the size of text.

  • Accessibility software: This site has been designed to work with the most common screen readers for Windows and Mackintosh, and ‘Alt’ tags are attached to images.

In addition, Windows XP and Mac OSX contain built-in accessibility tools.

In Windows XP, you can reach the Accessibility area by clicking Start, going to the ‘Help and Support’ link in the Start menu, and then choosing the Accessibility link in the Help and Support Center. This takes you to the main page for the Accessibility area. Accessibility options come in three groups: features for people who are deaf or hard of hearing, features for people who are blind or have impaired vision, and features for people who have mobility impairment.

In Mac OSX, first click on ‘System preferences’ within the Apple menu at the top-left of the screen. Next click on ‘System’ and finally ‘Universal access’. This page contains features related to seeing, hearing, keyboard and mouse.

Alternative formats: you can contact the Secretary (email: secretary@bsmgp.org.uk; tel: 01643 862807) to request any information on the site in an alternative form.


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