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BSMGP Membership Categories

There are five categories of membership. The Articles of Association (revised 1994) defined these as:

  • Fellows (FMGP): members of at least 35 years of age, who have practised the craft for at least 10 years. They are those who, in the opinion of the BSMGP Fellowship, have attained eminence and maturity and competence to advise and judge fellow practitioners in the craft.
  • Associates (AMGP): members of not less than 25 years of age, carrying on the craft of stained glass in good standing and able to demonstrate excellence in designing and making or in designing and supervising making in the craft.
  • Craft Associates (CAMGP): members of not less than 25 years of age working in the craft in good standing and able to demonstration competence in glass execution (i.e. makers or conservators/restorers but not designers).
  • Ordinary members: all members of the Society are Ordinary members unless or until they have been elected to the professional status.
  • Honorary Fellows (Hon. FMGP): members with a special interest in stained glass who have served the Society with distinction.

The first three classes above consist of qualified practising craftsmen and artists and membership of these classes constitutes a professional qualification. All applications must be for Ordinary membership in the first instance.* After joining, professional designers and craft practitioners may then submit an application for accreditation as an Associate / Craft Associate to the Selection Board, which sits annually in mid June. Fellows are then elected from among the Associates.

 List of Fellows & Associates of the Society

Members elected to these classes are entitled to use the letters AMGP, CAMGP or FMGP after their name. (NB Ordinary membership is not a professional qualification and does not entitle its holders to quote their society membership.)

How to apply for Associate Membership    info and form 


How to apply for Craft Associate Membership      info and form    


(*Note: Membership at discounted rates is available for the over 70s and full-time students of stained glass at recognized UK institutions or appentices at recognized studios partipating in the UK craft training scheme - see the online Application Form in this section for eligibility, or contact the Secretary for details.)

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