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The Journal of Stained Glass

Since 1924, the Journal of Stained Glass has been produced annually by the British Society of Master Glass Painters to publish and promote research in stained glass.

The Journal's interdisciplinary approach to all aspects of stained glass has made it a valuable resource for historians, students and anyone with an interest in the medium as well as for designers, craftworkers and conservators. Featuring wide-ranging articles by recognized experts in the field of stained glass, each issue includes a provocative guest editorial and sections on: the history of stained glass; research and methodology; contemporary practice; and technical inquiry, as well as reports on stained glass at auction, prizes and awards, exhibitions, conferences, obituaries, and a comprehensive book review section. The Journal of Stained Glass is the only English-language publication to cover all of these subjects in depth.

The scope is increasingly international, with recent articles from or about England, Iceland, Canada, Poland, Ireland, Australia and the United States. It is circulated to individuals and libraries throughout the world. Themed volumes include the special issue, The Stained Glass Collection of Sir John Soane's Museum, the America Issue and the Scotland Issue.

Appearing since 2000 in a striking new design, each issue includes a minimum of 200 pages with over 100 colour illustrations.

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Vol. XXXVII ISBN 978 0 9568762 3 2 

192 pages, 150 colour illustrations, many large scale 

The issue opens with a provocative Guest Editorial pondering the universal ethics of stained glass conservation and the serious issues surrounding historic glass in Spain . It continues with a rich seam of articles highlighting 19th- & 20th-century stained glass with the American Gibson Brothers and Charles J. Connick; British artists Holiday, Whall and Kempe; as well as the work of the London Stained Glass Repository and the latest commissions and prizes in the UK. Technical Inquiry features a study of little-known Cloisonnée stained glass and concludes with recreating glass for Stirling Castle . Plus 17 in-depth book reviews on the latest in stained glass publishing.


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Vol. XXXVI ISBN 978 0 9568762 2 5 

224 pages, 175 colour illustrations, many large scale 

From A. W. N. Pugin’s first painted glass to John Piper in Wales, from mid-18th century armorials to the Diamond Jubilee window at the Queen’s Chapel of the Savoy: this is a richly illustrated issue covering new glass devoted to the 2012 Olympic games, the careers of John Beare and William Price the younger; early American windows for Trinity, Wall Street, New York; the work of J. W. Brown for Powell & Sons with a comprehensive list of international windows; recent prizes and awards for stained glass, new heraldic glass for Stirling Castle and much more. Includes a guest editorial by Douglas Hogg FMGP, 18 book reviews and an obituary for Keith New FMGP.


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Vol. XXXV ISBN 978 0 9568762 1 8

335 pages, 150 illustrations, many in colour 

A Special Issue of The Journal of Stained Glass devoted to the stained glass career of the most influential post-medieval designer working in the medium, Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones Bt. (1833-1898), including:

Groundbreaking research by an impressive line-up of experts, with an insightful guest editorial by his biographer Fiona MacCarthy; the first ever full transcript of Burne-Jones’s Account Books with Morris & Co. by Dr Douglas Schoenherr, along with a comprehensive Checklist of all EBJ’s designs for Morris & Co. (including designs known to have been created but not entered in the accounts); John Christian on Burne-Jones’s roles as both designer and painter; Albert Tannler on the complex influence of Burne-Jones and Morris in the USA; Brian Clarke with a contemporary artist’s reaction to Burne-Jones’s stained glass; Martin Harrison on Burne-Jones’s stained glass in transition, as shown by the Lyndhurst ‘New Jerusalem’ window; and Tony Benyon’s important new biographical research on the stained glass workers employed by Morris & Company. Plus, a hitherto unknown photograph of the young Burne-Jones and a specially-written new poem about the artist…

Also, new commissions in the UK and a powerful scheme by Judith Schaechter installed in a former prison in Philadelphia; conservation at Stirling Castle; obituaries for the Duke of Grafton, Lawrence Lee, Harry Harvey and Adelle Corrin; extensive book reviews and more. 


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Vol. XXXIV ISBN 978 0 9568762 0 1

256 pages,  almost 200 illustrations, most in colour, many large scale 

With a wealth of material on 19th- & 20th-century stained glass, featuring the latest research on Horace Walpole’s Continental and English glass collections at Strawberry Hill with a detailed account of their restoration; fascinating documentary history on Sir Ninian Comper and Charles Eamer Kempe, and the shadowy story of F. Sydney Eden. Plus a full catalogue of Christopher Whall’s recently restored windows at Holy Trinity Church, Sloane Street and information on collections in the USA (Lamb Studios) and Hungary (Miksa Róth). The meteoric career of artist Brian Clarke is illustrated in two pieces, one a review of his recent exhibition. Plus 12 book reviews, 8 obituaries and much more.

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Vol. XXXIII ISBN 978 0 9540457 9 1 
192 pages,  160 illustrations, most in colour, many large scale 

Guest editorial on the spiritual side of medieval stained glass by scholar/artist Richard Lannoy. Fully illustrated accounts of the stained glass collection of the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, little-known Continental glass in Exeter and the Gothic Revival work of Joseph Hale Miller. Plus London glass-painters 1660-1710; Taunton in Australia; and studio life in early 20th-century America. New commissions by Mel Howse (Sainsbury’s), Ruth Taylor Jacobson (Schonfeld Square Synagogue), Helen Whittaker (RAF Club) and BSMGP Fellows and Associates, and Glaziers prizes and awards. How a 110-year Brangwyn & Tiffany design was newly created, 18 book reviews and highlights of stained glass at auction.

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Vol. XXXII ISBN 978 0 9540457 8 4 
224 pages,  285 illustrations, most in colour, many large scale 

Guest editorial on stained glass treasures in disused churches by Secretary of the Ancient Monuments Society and Hon Director of the Friends of Friendless Churches, Matthew Saunders MBE.  Plus fascinating comprehensive accounts of stained glass from Mariawald Abbey in the UK and beyond and of Herkenrode glass at Lichfield Cathedral, the latter with stunning new photographs; William Glasby’s career and glass painters who appeared at the Old Bailey; architectural glass by Alexander Beleschenko and Brian Clarke, as well as the latest BSMGP exhibition; details of the complicated restoration of Whitefriars windows at St Thomas’s, New York, and much more. Obituaries for Klaus Zimmer and Canon Arthur Penn. 

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Vol. XXXI ISBN 978 0 9540457 7 7 
216 pages, over 100 illustrations, many in colour

An insightful and provocative guest editorial by the Archbishop of Canterbury is followed by medieval stained glass: John Thornton at Coventry & Bishop Fox’s influence in the 16th century. Superb research on the invention and development of the Victorian memorial window, and the ways artists (John Piper & Pat Lipksy) look at stained glass. Fiona MacCarthy presents a cautionary tale for culture in the UK reporting on the William Morris Gallery. Obituaries for Hayward, McLellan and Elskus, 18 book reviews, auction room surprises & much more.

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Vol. XXX Scotland Issue ISBN 978 0 9540457 6 0 
288 pages, over 150 illustrations, most in colour, many large-scale

Special issue devoted to Scottish stained glass - much of it spectacular! Begins with pertinent insights in a guest editorial by Elizabeth Cumming and goes on to explore careers of Douglas Strachan, Stephen Adam, Margaret Chilton, Willie Wilson, and Sadie McLellan, as well as a biographical list of 200 Scottish stained glass artists, past & present, and contemporary work. Plus the Rosslyn Chapel, Edinburgh's stained glass revival, prize-winning restoration and more.... 

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