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 British Society of Master Glass Painters 
Reference Library

The BSMGP Library is a research library of some 250 volumes devoted to stained glass and is accessible to bona fide scholars of the subject without charge. The Society’s commitment to stained glass research is emphasized by its publication of The Journal of Stained Glass.

The Society’s library collection emphasizes the work of individual British stained glass painters and studios, and those influenced by their work elsewhere across the world. It includes studies of stained glass in selected locations, and also covers continental stained glass imported by British collectors. Those visiting the Library also have access to the related collections of the Society of Antiquaries of London and use of their reading room and other library facilities.

In addition to published books the Society possesses a collection of booklets and pamphlets on stained glass, covering individual stained glass painters or locations, often printed locally or privately, which provides a valuable research resource not easily available elsewhere. The Society also has an important, though limited, amount of archival material relating to stained glass painters and studios. In addition, a series of databases compiled by Society members is maintained, which can be accessed through the Society’s Librarian.

Reading Room of the Society of Antiquaries of London, reproduced by kind permission






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