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Glaziers Rent

Glaziers Rent

Susan Matthews

Antique glass, acid etched, painted and stained. As the finished size of the panel is small I thought it necessary to make something complete yet readable within a foot square. Having designed and made the Glaziers Rent in 2002 which worked quite well, I decided to reduce the design slightly and re-use it although it proved quite difficult. I like to use paint on glass and to create dark backgrounds from which the colours can spring out. Sadly I don't get enough time or commissions to do this very often and hence skills get rusty. Working in the Stained Glass Museum in Ely gives lots of opportunity to study fine work.

5 Le Domaine de la Source, – Route de Bagnols – Uzes – France – 30700

email:susanmathews29 @ googlemail.com

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