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Jesus Wept  John ch.11 v.35

Jesus Wept John ch.11 v.35

Jane Slinn

Painted, fused Bullseye, Uroboros glass, slumped with copper inclusions and gold leaf I became interested in icons after a talk I attended on how to paint them. I bought books and finally acquired one in Cyprus. I went on a course and painted Gabriel”. I thought a glass icon would be a challenge. I have slumped glass with inclusions on a sand bed. I enjoy including enamels because they retain some of their colour at greater temperatures. I started glass in 1986. The following year made a 5 foot round Enunciation window” for the local chapel. I attend courses whenever possible as I have missed out on Art College at 68. I take commissions and take on challenges: a plated motorbike and an etched mg car. I like Art Nouveau. I enjoy teaching and have just held my second painting class.

24 Helens Close, Upwood, Ramsey, Huntingdon, Cambs PE26 2QN –
Tel:01847 815951   

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