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Caroline Swash FMGP

Sandblast/Enamel/Stain (two layers of glass) This panel is part of a series reflecting my perennial interest in the formal and informal qualities to be found in botanical forms. The strange radiant pink glass used in the piece has a mystical yet garish quality which I enjoy. I have aimed at simplicity of means to allow no interruption to the quiet enjoyment of light charged pattern and colour. All my work in glass either commissioned or experimental grows from the drawn and painted image. My interests at the present time revolve around the possibilities inherent in new forms of decoration which may enrich the spaces we live in. That many of these are time honoured remains problematic but capable of visual elucidation.

106, Willoughby House, BARBICAN EC2Y 8BL –
Tel:0207 638 3996   
email:caroline.swash @ btinternet.com

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