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Play with Gold

Play with Gold

Sachiko Yamamoto AMGP

I love the pure quality of glass. Especially, clear glass reflects and penetrates the light, casting sparkling reflection and altering the atmosphere of its surrounding. With this work, gold pieces are buried among clear pieces, splashing glittering cast around it. I hope you can enjoy the work, changing through the day and the season. Glass shows many characteristics, depending on the light. My theme is to make the best use of the given space and to define the beauty of the glass. At the same time, simplifying the process and the techniques, my clients and volunteers could collaborate in the work. I hope that they feel the enjoyment of creation as well.

House M 3F, Nishiazabu, Ninatoku, Tokyo 106-0031, Japan –
Tel:00813 5474 0457   

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