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Paul San Casciani Fellow

Paul San Casciani likes to explore the decorative possibilities of stained glass, combining traditional and modern techniques in novel ways. His speciality, traditional glass painting, allows him to design and create work in any traditional style for ecclesiastical or secular settings. Glasspainting combined with enamelling produces highly-wrought, unique panels with a wide range of subjects; portraits, initials, heraldic shields, zodiac signs, famous scenes... for celebratory occasions. However, his greatest challenge is combining traditional and modern glasspainting, copperfoiled inserts of specially-made jewel-like glass globs and fused pieces into windows, autonomous panels, free-standing sculptural pieces, lamps and wall plaques.

Paul San Casciani Stained Glass Activities – 11 Dale Close – Thames Street – Oxford – OX1 1TU
Tel:01865 727529   


  • 1996: The Carey Baptist Church Logo. Large roundel window in vestibule. This commission is a unique combination of 2 ancient techniques. The Logo combines a depiction of the Cross, the Bible and the World in leaded glass, with a band of pewter inscriptions around the periphery. Pewterwork: Tom Neal. Carey Baptist Church, Moulton, Northampton
  • 1994: "Professor Rees' Modecule". Autonomous Panel, traditional painted glass. Private office of Professor Rees, Imperial College, London
  • 1993: "The Fox and the Stork" (Aesop's Fable). Traditional painted and stained oval, fixed in larger window. ICI Corporate Entertainment Centre, Warren Bridge House, Warren Bridge Road, Kingston-upon-Thames
  • 1991: Hall Window, abstract design: rich tones of gold and brown hand-made glass with copperfoiled made-hand globs inserted. Private house, Oxfordshire
  • 1988: "Animal, Vegetable, Mineral" - Design based on matter seen through optical microscopes. Autonomous back-lit panel. Mixture of traditional and modern techniques, incorporating fused and textured glass, copperfoiled globs, acid etching, glass-painting. Permanent display, Pilkington Glass Museum, St Helen's, Merseyside

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