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Dewi Sant Housing Association (1999), the Pat Chown memorial window (detail)
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Window for the new quiet room, Bedford School, 2005

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Deborah Lowe Associate

Glass is an enchanting medium to work with but the real thrill comes from designing glass that will 'live' in its' architectural setting. Each design project is unique. I have designed glass for a variety of situations; for public buildings, including churches, synagogues and hospitals, and for the domestic environment. My specialism is glasspainting (kiln fired). It is a responsive medium producing an infinite variety of effects ranging from subtle and simple to rich and painterly. I offer a complete service, from design to manufacture and fitting.

Knotts Grove – 18 Mark Lane – Todmorden – Lancs – OL14 5PB
Tel:07866 334045   
email:deb@deblowe-glass.co.uk web:www.deblowe-glass.co.uk


  • 2005: Bedford School: window for the new quiet room
  • 2001: St John the Evangelist, Bishops Wood, Staffs: two backlit lancets in a rural Victorian Church based on the phrase from St Matthew's Gospel, "I am the True Vine"
  • 2000: 'Glass Roots' project, New Farm Road Estate Residents Association Club, Stourbridge: a scheme of windows for a newly built porch on the theme of the local history of brickmaking
  • 1999: Dewi Sant Housing Association, Pontardawe, South Wales: the Pat Chown memorial window, lighting the stairwell of new flats; the contemporary, lead-free design, on the theme of the rising sun, was executed in antique glass encapsulated inside triple glazing
  • 1998: Bevis Marks Synagogue, London: Neville Burston Award and commission for a backlit panel at the entrance to a new building at the Synagogue on the theme of the Jewish festival of Sukkot
  • 1996: Colchester General Hospital, Elmstead Day Centre: sited in the pretreatment sitting room, the stained glass panel screens patients from an adjacent glazed corridor; a relaxing riverside theme was chosen

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