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Norman Nicholson Memorial, St George, Millom, Cumbria 2000
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British Legion Memorial (detail), St James, Arnside, Cumbria 1998
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Church of England School, Henshaw, Northumbria

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Christine Boyce Associate

I worked with L C Evetts, 1963–67, while studying for a BA Hons in Fine Art at Newcastle University. During 1967–68 I set up a department of stained glass in the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez. I am now semiretired but am still making small original pieces. My work tends towards the abstract and can take a long time to design and complete. My approach is to make an artwork that will enhance its setting and make the viewer think about its form and content and the atmosphere created by coloured light.

Camlann – The Banks – Brampton – Cumbria – CA8 2JH
Tel:016977 2200   
email:daniel_boyce@ic24.net web:boyce-stainedglass.artweb.com


  • 2002: Abbey Mill, Lanercost, Cumbria: domestic abstract door panels
  • 2000: Church of England First School, Henshaw, Northumbria: "Four seasons" – Millennium project
  • 2000: St George, Millom, Cumbria: Norman Nicholson, poet – Memorial
  • 1999: St Andrew, Penrith, Cumbria: Millennium window
  • 1998: St James, Arnside, Cumbria: British Legion 50th Anniversary Memorial
  • 1992: St Mary and St Michael, Egremont, Cumbria: Wilson Memorial

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