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St Blane's Memorial, detail of right-hand light, St Blane's Church, Dunblane, 1998
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"The Baptism of Christ", St Finan's, Abadour, Fife, 1999
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"St Francis", St Mary's Episcopal Church, Burnam, 1999

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Roland Mitton Associate

My stained and painted glass work has invariably a narrative theme. I enjoy incorporating aspects of the countryside into my work, which is often, although not always, ecclesiastical. The figurative is always a strong element in my windows.

14 Mansfield Court – Livingston Village – West Lothian – EH54 7BJ
Tel:01506 41570   


  • 1999: two lights, St Fillan's Church, Aberdour, Fife: the Nativity and Baptism of Christ
  • 1999: two light window, St Mary's Episcopal Church,Birnam, Perthshire: SS Columba and Francis - memorial to 7th Earl Cadogan
  • 1999: three lights, Grahamstone United Church, Falkirk: The Garden and the Crown of Thorns
  • 1998: three light window with tracery, St Blane's church, Dunblane: Memorial to the Children of Dunblane
  • 1995: four lights, St. Blane's church, Dunblane, Perthshire
  • 1994: single light, Airdrie parish church
  • 1993: single light, Ecclemachan church, West Lothian
  • 1992: single light, Comin parish church, Rossshire

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