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Ginger Ferrell Associate

The intrinsic beauty of glass makes it an eloquent medium to work with. Architectural glass can strongly impact the tone of a room, cast colours that shift and change with the seasons, and add ambience with a reflective sparkle even in low light. Conversely, small panels and exhibition pieces, which can be quite portable, can be a focal point that is full of memories. I like to experiment with traditional materials and techniques in order to push them in new ways. It is always a joy to work with clients with a vision.

Studio 310 – Cornwell House – 21 Clerkenwell Green – London – EC1R 0DP
Tel:0208 858 9506    Mobile:07956 310 616   


  • 1999 : "At the Still Point of the Turning World", private home, Blackheath, London. Inspired by T S Elliott's Burnt Norton
  • 1999 : "For Will", small commemorative panel based on Japanese symbolism for success for a boy, contains the I Ching for first born son, name and birthdate, attribution to 18th century sumi painting by Jakuchu
  • 1996 : "Traces of Travel" Exhibition: with the Women's 5th International Stained Glass Workshop in Crawford Municipal Art Gallery, Cork 1997. Free-standing fish screen based on the format of an ancient Japanese scroll (kakemono). This piece may be hung on its own
  • 1995 : "Valentine for Paul": small leaded panel with paint and stain, acid etching, white acid, enamel crayon
  • 1995 : Private home, South Woodford, London: geometric pattern stairwell window and front door panels

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