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‘Mediation’, c.1974, Mt Airy Lutheran Seminary Library, Philadelphia PA. Leaded, colored glass, stone set. Triple lancet with gothic head. Commissioned by architect Herman Hassinger and historian Rev. Oliver Olson.
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‘Let there be light’ c.2001-2, sanctuary clerestory rose window, east end of Peachtree United Methodist Church, Atlanta GA Leaded, colored glass, aluminum set, commissioned by church committee.
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‘Healing arts’, c.1972, original submission for the National Cathedral, Washington DC Leaded, painted, colored glass, stone set. Triple lancet window with gothic tracery. Commissioned by The Very Reverend Dean, Francis B. Sayre Jr.

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Charles Z Lawrence Associate

Charles Z. Lawrence has devoted much of his adult life, over 45 years, to the craft of stained glass window making. Beginning in his early twenties, Lawrence embarked on a rigorous, formal apprenticeship to the German master craftsman Rudolf H. Buenz. He is one of the few remaining American stained glass artisans to have been trained in the traditional method of apprenticeship.

In the 1960s, Lawrence studied art and design at the Pratt School of Design in Brooklyn, NY. While there, he became heavily influenced by the painters of the French Impressionist Period and The New York School. During that time period he also worked at Rambusch, where he observed and was influenced by Robert Pinart and Robert Sowers’ stained glass design method and was taught design studio procedures by William Haley. Lawrence then went on to work in many of the east coast, stained glass studios, becoming the premiere designer at the Willet Studios in Philadelphia, before starting his own company in the 1980s.

Lawrence is one of the last living Pennsylvania craftsmen to be commissioned to work in the prestigious National Cathedral in Washington, DC, for whom he has designed five windows to date. His stained glass windows can be seen in churches, synagogues, corporate offices, schools and public spaces across the country. In addition to his impressive accomplishments in stained glass, Lawrence is also a painter, skilled in the use of watercolor and oil paints.

His signature style blends traditional methods of stained glass window construction with a contemporary design philosophy and modern innovations in materials and production techniques. Essential to all Lawrence windows, is his unique use of bold, clear colour, based on the artist’s lifetime study of colour. ‘I’ve developed my color pallet over the years, by observing and painting the changing fall leaves. Their colors are so vibrant, they have a rich jewel like quality that I try to capture in all of my stained glass windows.’ That influence can be seen clearly in Lawrence’s extensive body of work.

106 W. Allen Lane – Philadelphia – PA 19119 – USA –


  • Houston Baptist University in Houston, TX, USA 2009
  • Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Kingston, RI, USA 2009
  • The Roy Company Archival Collection in Branchville, NJ, USA 2009
  • Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in Winona, MN, USA 2008
  • Temple Shalom in Broomall, PA, USA   2008
  • Plymouth United Congregational Church of Christ in Des Moines, IA, USA 2007
  • Moorings Presbyterian Church in Naples, FL, USA 2007
  • Our Lady of Good Council in Olney, MD, USA 2006
  • The Christ School in Greenville, SC, USA 2004-5
  • Peachtree United Methodist Church in Atlanta, GA. 2001-2002

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