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Royal Apartments, Stirling Castle, 2011: Research, design and making of 54 new ‘16th century’ medallions and quarry windows
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Julie's window, 2008: New Kilpatrick Church, Bearsden, Glasgow (detail)
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‘Maria's window’, 2006: Bridge of Allan Parish Church, Stirlingshire (detail)

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Linda Cannon Associate

Since studying stained glass at Glasgow School of Art (1979-83), I have been working full time in the design, restoration, conservation, and research of stained glass. I work mostly in Scotland with my work partner, Rab MacInnes ACR as ‘Cannon-MacInnes’. I have worked and studied stained glass in America, and often return to visit colleagues and friends. I keep up to date by attending BSMGP and CVMA conferences throughout Europe. For 8 years I worked as the stained glass conservator in the Burrell Collection, where I wrote a book about the medieval stained glass.

Since 1989 I have served on various stained glass conservation committees connected with BSMGP, ICON and the CVMA. I am an accredited conservator with ICON.

I am now focusing, once again, on new work, particularly new ways of drawing, etching and painting on glass. I like a challenge. I like problem solving. I like technical difficulty.

561 Crow Road – Jordanhill – Glasgow – G13 1NY
Tel: 0795 007 0299   
email: Linda@ cannon-macinnes.co.uk web:www.cannon-macinnes.co.uk


  • 2010-11: Refurbishment of the Royal Apartments, Stirling Castle, Historic Scotland (collaboration with R. MacInnes)
  • 2009-10: Restoration of St Magnus Episcopal Church, Lerwick (collaboration with R. MacInnes)
  • 2009:  New window for private client, Glasgow
  • 2008: Restoration of, Iona Abbey, Doune Castle and Cambuskenneth Tower, Historic Scotland
  • 2008: New window for New Kilpatrick Church, Beardsen, Glasgow
  • 2007-8: Conservation of Zodiac Dome, Edinburgh City Chambers (collaboration with R. MacInnes)
  • 2006: New window for Bridge of Allan Parish Church, Stirlingshire
  • 2005-6: Restoration of Cottier Theatre / Dowanhill Church, Glasgow (collaboration with R. MacInnes)

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